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help desk software india INTRODUCTION
It seems like ages since we started our journey into the world of web parts and portals and we’ve covered a lot of ground along the way. Having taken on the challenge of creating a web portal for the Adventure Works business, we set about liaising with the end-users of the portal so that we could understand their requirements and ensure that we were building suitable features for them. Well, the good news is that our work is almost complete and soon it will be time to deploy the code onto the company’s web server so the HR employees can begin using their new portal application.
Before we can deploy our portal though, we need to start the planning that will help us to decide how the portal will be deployed. In addition, we need to work out how to support the portal after it has been deployed.

hepldesk software helpdesksoftware

Help Shell Online Customer Service Portal and Request Submission Interface which allows customer to dynamically request the critical information that our support team needs to fulfill service requests.
Such critical service support information will increase customer satisfaction, reduce time and efforts spent on resolving issues and requests.

Ticket system
Import emails to help Shell software system from POP3 and IMAP, Departments classify help Shell tickets for specific staff groups.
  Customer portal
Self service features reduce load on IT staff, Create Knowledgebase, Troubleshooters, Tutorials, Manuals, Guides, File library and more..., Customize portal to display only sections you want.
  Quick response
quick response possible with Help Shell because of following things Find and track tickets with ticket search, Integrated calendar provides notification for both global and private events.
Next Step to Grow your Business helpdesksoftware helpdesksoftware
A typical help desk has many/several functions. It provides the users a single point of contact, to receive help on various computer issues. The help desk typically manages its requests via help desk software, such as an issue tracking system, that allows them to track user requests with a unique number. This can also be called a "Local Bug Tracker" or LBT. There are many software applications to support the help desk function. Some are targeting enterprise level help desk (rather large) and some are targeting departmental needs.

Deskside team
The deskside team (sometimes known as "desktop support") is responsible for the desktops, laptops, and peripherals, such as PDAs. The help desk will assign the desktop team the second-level deskside issues that the first level was not able to solve. They set up and configure computers for new users and are typically responsible for any physical work relating to the computers such as repairing software or hardware issues and moving workstations to another location.

Network team
The network team is responsible for the network software, hardware and infrastructure such as servers, switches, backup systems and firewalls. They are responsible for the network services such as email, file, and security. The help desk will assign the network team issues that are in their field of responsibility.

Server team
The server team is responsible for most, if not all, of the servers within the organization. This includes, but is not limited to, DNS or Domain Name System Servers, Network Authentication, Network Shares, Network Resources, Email accounts, and all aspects of server software. It also includes more advanced services such as databases, Storage or Content Management Systems, specialized proprietary services, and other industry-specific server-based applications.

Other teams
Some companies have a telecom team that is responsible for the phone infrastructure such as PBX, voicemail, VOIP, telephone sets, modems and fax machines. They are responsible for configuring and moving telephone numbers, voicemail setup and configuration and are assigned these types of issues from the help desk.