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SMS Integration & Marketing

bulk sms We provide Bulk SMS solution in india, and all metrocities like Mumbai, Pune, Ahmadabad, Delhi, Chennai, kolkatta,

Some SMS enabled modules are like
•SMS integration with any software system
•Sales Force Automation
•Supply Chain Automation
•Management Information System
•Customer Relationship Management-Enterprise Network Monitoring
•Mobile Office Applications (email etc.)
•SMS Voting
•SMS News Delivery
•SMS Advertising services
•SMS Short Codes
SMS Service Features
•Connectivity with over 400+ operators globally
•Redundancy of servers with load balancing, failover mechanism and least cost routing
•Highly configurable products - processes can be configured on-the-fly
•Least time to market – deployment typically is done in one day
•The most scalable solution in the industry in terms of architecture
•24 * 7 support
•Quick setup - even for sending 5,000 SMS, setup only takes a minute or two.
•SMS Scheduler so that you can send messages whenever you want - even when you are not there.
•Easy import of your mobile number database no retyping necessary.
•Confidential Corporate account - only you and your authorized staff can use it
bulk sms solution.