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Reduce costs, optimize operational efficiencies, and redirect vital resources to core business-building capabilities with Peaksoft Technology and Accounting Business Process Solutions.

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Whether your business is products or services, whether your operations are domestic or international, your success depends on controlling costs and driving revenue as you satisfy the demands of customers and meet the challenges of a highly competitive marketplace. Today that challenge is greater than ever, as economic globalization drives ever-increasing cost-efficiency competition from manufacturers, suppliers, and providers around the world.

We provide finance and accounting solution, We focused on such functions as accounting, customer relationship management, not-for-profit and government management, human resources and fixed asset management, and contact management. The company also provides industry-specific applications for customers in fields that include construction, real estate, and health care.
Peaksoft Technologies Business Process Solutions can help your organization transform its finance and accounting operation into a cost-effective, strategic business asset through proven technologies and service options that align with your business needs and support your goals.
Thanks to the rapid industrialization of information technology, standardized F&A applications and architectures that are based on proven technologies can be cost-effectively transferred from one enterprise to another. Processes can be segmented into modifiable parts, automated, and repeated, thereby saving you money.
We can help your enterprise rise to a higher competitive level not only by reducing costs, but also by collaborating with you in a smart sourcing relationship that strengthens your non-core processes and enables you to drive innovation and excellence across the entire spectrum of your business functions.
To keep you in control, we offer flexible Service Level Agreements (SLAs) so you can maximize your resources and realize the greatest possible short-term and long-term value. And with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in place, you can readily quantify results.

"industrial-strength" IT behind your F&A processes, you enjoy a clearer view and greater control of process performance, plus:

  1. Lower transaction-processing costs
  2. Shorter financial settlement cycles and improved cash flow
  3. Greater transaction-processing accuracy
  4. Quicker, more effective problem resolution
  5. Enhanced customer and vendor experience through web-enabled applications and contact center capabilities
  6. Real-time financial information with integrated internal operational and external customer performance metrics
  7. Continuously updated documentation to support internal controls
  8. The experience and expertise of a global labor force to mitigate risk and support business continuity