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Logistic & Supply Chain Solutions

logistic soluton   As far back as history records, the goods that people wanted were not always produced where they wanted to consume them, or these goods were not accessible when people wanted to consume them.
Food and other commodities were widely dispersed and were only available in abundance at certain times of the year. Early peoples had the choice of consuming goods at their immediate location or moving the goods to a preferred site and storing them for later use. However, because no well developed transportation and storage systems yet existed, the movement of goods was limited to what an individual could personally move, and storage of perishable commodities was possible for only a short time. This limited movement-storage system generally constrained people to live close to the sources of production and to consume a rather narrow range of goods.
Few goods are imported from other areas. Therefore, production efficiency and the economic standard of living are generally low. In this type of economy, a well-developed and inexpensive logistics system would encourage an exchange of goods with other producing areas of the country, or even the world.

logistic software logistic software

PeakTrans is online transportation management system. It is fully automated and customizable system. PeakTrans has represented Quality, Reliability and Affordability for the Transportation Industry. Considering transportation is very versatile business, PeakSoft built very efficient application to accustom the need of this business.

Full Truck Load Service Providers
  • Vehicle Trip Management
  • Truck Loading Management (Lorry Receipt Generation)
  • Pay Order Management
  • Truck Unloading Management
  • Invoice Generation
  Retail Booking of Small Consignments
  • Booking (Lorry Receipt)
  • Consignment Memo Generation (Delivery Receipt)
  • Invoice Generation
  • Consignor Billing (Receipt Generation)
  • Consignor Management
  Clearing & Forwarding Transport
  • Inward Management (By Rail/Truck)
  • Dispatch Management
  • Consignor Billing (Receipt Generation)
  • Payment to other Transporters
  • Octroi Management
  Commission Agent Transport
  • Truck Loading Management (Lorry Receipt Generation)
  • Pay Order Management
  • Truck Unloading Management
  • Invoice Generation
  • Consignor Billing (Receipt Generation)
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Business Logistic Defined
Business logistics is a relatively new field of integrated management study in comparison with the traditional fields of finance, marketing, and production. As previously noted, logistics activities have been carried out by individuals for many years. Businesses also have continually engaged in movestore (transportation-inventory) activities. The newness of the field results from the concept of coordinated management of the related activities, rather than the historical practice of managing them separately, and the concept that logistics adds value to products or services that are essential to customer satisfaction and sales. Although co-ordinated logistics management has not been generally practiced until recently, the idea of co-ordinated management can be traced back to at least 1844. In the writings of Jules Dupuit, a French engineer, the idea of trading one cost for another (transportation costs for inventory costs) was evident in the selection between road and water transport.