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Top 20 tough iPhone 4 and 4S cases

I first posted this roundup not long after the iPhone 4 hit stores and it's been through a few updates, and now only includes cases that fit both the iPhone4 and 4S and carry the "universal fit" tag.

Recently added: Case-mate's Tank, Speck's Mighty Vault, and Trident Case's Cyclops II. As I've said before, how you choose to protect--or not protect--your iPhone is a matter of personal preference. But if some heavy-duty shielding is what you're looking for, this is the list for you. While I tried to pick tough, protective cases that look good and don't make your iPhone too bulky, I should point out that a few of the cases have more-extreme designs that aren't necessarily intended for everyday use. I should also note that some of the more-rugged cases can be a bit of a chore to remove and aren't friendly toward iPod docks.

Note: The top 20 is listed in alphabetical order, not by ranking. If you don't agree with our choices or feel we missed some, please submit a comment, and I'll consider making changes in my next update of the list.