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web portal service INTRODUCTION
We provide website content management solutions for clients who need ongoing updates to their website. Whether you work in-house or outsource your website maintenance to us, we design portal content management solutions for quick and easy management of your website content.

It seems like ages since we started our journey into the world of web parts and portals and we’ve covered a lot of ground along the way. Having taken on the challenge of creating a web portal for the Adventure Works business, we set about liaising with the end-users of the portal so that we could understand their requirements and ensure that we were building suitable features for them. Well, the good news is that our work is almost complete and soon it will be time to deploy the code onto the company’s web server so the HR employees can begin using their new portal application. Before we can deploy our portal though, we need to start the planning that will help us to decide how the portal will be deployed. In addition, we need to work out how to support the portal after it has been deployed.

Data Management Web Portal

The Grid Data Management Web Portal enables easy interaction with grid file catalog using simple Web-based user interface. It was developed and tested on LCG-2 middleware. The portal provides the following grid data management functions: directory browsing, directory management operations (creating new subdirectories, renaming/moving and deleting directories, replicating directory content, reading directory attributes and permissions), copying and registering of new files to the catalog, file deletion, reading file attributes and permissions, replica management operations (download, replication and deleting) and alias management operations (creating, deleting, renaming/moving). The Web portal appearance and the set of operations offered to the user can be controlled using a configuration file. The portal offers its users the ability to manipulate the data on the grid without detailed knowledge about the underlying infrastructure and grid middleware. Its user interface provides an easy and fast way of performing data management operations both to the people who are using the grid for some specific usage related to their area of expertise and for the software developers and administrators, helping them to perform necessary data management operations faster and focus on other aspects of their work.


System usage
Four key pages of the Web user interface are Data Management page, File Details page, Directory Details page and Upload page. Besides this page there are additional pages used for logging on to the system, choosing target directories for various directory operations and pages used for showing various reports.


The only thing a client computer needs to use the features offered by Grid Data Management Web portal is a JavaScript enabled Web browser. The client/server communication is implemented via HTTP protocol. Access is possible from any computer with the internet connection, without requiring installation of any additional software. This is one the most important advantages of the Data Management Web Portal over tools provided by LCG-2 middleware, because provided tools require execution directly from the UI computer using shell commands or low-level grid APIs.
The possibility of configuring the appearance of the Web portal, choosing the set of data management operations offered to user and requesting data management operation via HTTP interface makes the integration with other Web applications very easy. The concept of the upload processor gives us the possibility to expand basic upload functionality.